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Most insurance plans require enrollment forms for new groups by the 10th of the month prior to coverage beginning so that they can have cards to the enrollees as quickly as possible.

Health Benefits Washington will hold enrollment meetings at your Open Enrollment, or upon eligibility, for your employees, assisting them with the application process and helping them understanding their benefits.

HBWA is available to assist employer and employees with any claim questions, working with the insurance company to resolve issues in a timely manner.  We work for you!

Health Benefits Washington is your ally in the world of employee benefits! 


We provide personalized service for you and your employees as an experienced team that can take care of your benefit needs through every step of the process.  Our combined 60 years of experience in employee benefits and human resources, and understanding of the process and plans available, will make any transition that much smoother and easier.  

We specialize in personalized service. We work with you to provide the care that you and your group want and need!

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Getting a quote for your new health insurance plan is simple.

Complete the Group Questionnaire, describing your business' current insurance benefit structure, any changes you would like to make, and what your goals are for your benefits.

Next, complete a census, either on the Census Form provided, or an Excel spreadsheet, with the employees' name, gender, zip code, date of birth, and name & type of dependents including gender and date of birth(s).

It is important that the census is as close to actual as possible so that the insurance companies rate your group properly, and your rate won't change upon completion of the initial enrollment.

Once we have all your information, it can take up to a week or 10 days to get all the possible health insurance plans back from the variety of companies we work with.

We will take your goals and handpick the plans that best reflect what you are looking for in health insurance for your large or small business and maybe some options you may not have considered.  

You will be presented with your options, and YOU choose which plan suits your business and employee needs.

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