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Welcome to our new world.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist your company during this time.

I just wanted to touch base with you regarding any concerns you may have about the virus that is burning through Washington (and the World) at the moment.  I have attached some handy flyers from the CDC that you may want to share with your employees, and if you have any specific questions or concerns, please let me know.  Your Carrier will also be sending you information about their internal processes and procedures for these situations.

Most carriers are currently allowing 3 month supplies of medications as well as early renewal - to keep people out of group contact.  Many stores now offer outside pick-up of groceries (or shipping), that may also afford people opportunities to stay out of the population.

The CDC recommends:
1)  Handwashing is the number 1 way to prevent the sharing of this virus (as well as all others and bacteria as well!) 20 seconds or "Alphabet song".
2)  Hand sanitizer (60%+ alcohol) is your second choice if soap and water are not available.
3)  Avoid touching your face with your hands.  Most people do this unknowingly 90 times per day.
4)  Wear mask, cover cough with tissue, toss, wash hands.  Virus stays alive on your clothing for 10-12 hours.  
Regular (paper) or Fabric Masks are good to keep YOUR germs IN.  Mouth/Nasal fluids can travel 10 feet!

5)  Stay 6 Feet Apart in Enclosed Areas - anywhere you can.
5)  If you are sick, please Stay Home.  
Your health plan probably has a "Tele-Doc"  Virtual office visit option.  Register with your plan to use for minimal fee so you can talk to a doctor from the comfort of your home.  They can also order prescriptions.
6)  Clean and disinfect frequently touched items (door knobs/steering wheels/pens/desk/phones/handles/light switches/hand rails/faucets/etc.).  Do you have a regular cleaning service?  Do you know their processes and cleaners?
7)  Explore opportunities to telecommute

Symptoms of COVID 19 are fever, dry cough, shortness of breath. There are many other symptoms that are related as well.   Seek immediate medical attention. Please review your local or state Department of Health website to get the latest information.  There are no specific antiviral treatments or vaccines to prevent the virus except to:  Wash your hands, Wear a Mask, Stay 6' Apart.  Don't go out unless you have to.

So if you can, stock up on the kleenex, masks and the hand sanitizer for everyone's work stations, and review what your companys policy is for staying home when you are sick with your employees.  These are handy no matter what time of year.

We can all work together to reduce our chances of catching this (or any other) virus or illness - and keep our businesses humming along!  Illness affects a businesses work productivity.  Prevention and Preparation are the Best Medicine.

If you experience business interruption, please contact your Commercial Carrier to see if you have coverage.
For further information, keep checking the CDC website for the most current and safe information: 

Always feel free to call me.  We are here for you!

Jane Hogland
Health Benefits Washington 
President/Benefit Consultant
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